​Bench: 17" x 48" x 16"
Stools: 17" x 19.75" x 14"
Concrete, Wood, Mosaic Tile, Stainless Steel hardware

Life / Bench & Stools

Part of the Industrial Playfuness collection, these colorful concrete blocks brought to life the tile-matching puzzle video game - Tetris.
​Dimensions: 96" x 31" x 8"
Media: Stained Concrete, e-poxy 
The state of abstraction and thoughtfulness of my artwork illustrates a metaphorical representation of the excitement, action, swing and twitch of my dreams, goals, desires, and more. The scarlet tones of these floating ambitions and intentions give me the energy, passion and confidence to act.
Dimensions: 59" x 31" x 28"  
​Media: Paper clay, Plexiglass, aluminum hardware
Reveries, Goals & All in Between

It is where bright colors, playful concepts, and designs are complemented by the use of concrete as the main material, in a clean and modern style. ​

Intensive and calculative processes are involved in each of my artworks. Their conception took place in the application of architectural and design elements, based on the essence of geometric figures, which brings about memories of pleasant moments and playful sensations.​

​B. Mayorca

Playfulness Collection

Artist  +  Designer + Maker


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Part of the Industrial Playfuness collection. An installation piece that bring to mind the Tic Tac Toe game. They are simple and immediately recognizable figures. Nevertheless, this artwork is incomplete without the spectator. My only desire is to implicate and relate the viewer to the space!!!
Media: Wood, concrete, metal hardware
Part of the Industrial Playfuness collection, this concrete, wood, and metal installation art piece is a tribute of the scientific experiment of Newton's Cradle that later was absorbed as a game on every office desk. Dimensions: 45" x 60" x 21"        
Media: Wood, metal, concrete.


Newton's Cradle Balls

​Dimensions: 45" x 17.25" x 2.5"
Stained concrete, e-poxy

Angel Fall

​Dimensions: 55" x 90" x 6.5"
Mixed Media