The Singers /Rainsticks

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Become was inspired by the phrase "A search always starts with Beginner's Luck and ends with the Test of the Conqueror." From the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
Dimensions: 85.5” x 48” x 6”        
Media: Laminated and bent plywood, wood, natural fiber and paper clay.

Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 19" (Black base not included)

Media: Laminated plywood, patinated metal, copper, jute


Mutual Force


This is my 3-D art collection which uses, as a main procedure, the plywood lamination technique with the intention to explore and challenge its boundaries through diverse three dimensional expressions, but always with the aim to captivate the viewer by the repetition of the veneer’s lines depicted

​B. Mayorca

The Lines Collection

​Dimensions: Rainstick: vary x 3.625" x 3". Bases: Vary x 7.75" x 5"
Media: Rainstick:
Laminated Plywood & Paint. Bases: Power coated steel


​Dimensions: 24” x 4” x 5.25”
Media: Wood, metal, burlap


Artist  +  Designer + Maker

The design is established in my constant search of the essence of geometric figures as pieces of art. It is based on the wind chimes where the sound is produced by the hollow wood pieces being struck against one another.  In this case, the movement of the chimes will be achieved through the interaction of the viewer.

Dimensions: 120" x 47-1/4" x 47-1/4"

Media: Wood, paint, metal hardware