Artist  +  Designer + Maker

As a fine artist and interior designer, my craft-based art practice moves between sculptures and functional artistic-pieces, focused on a modern and contemporary mood, but also, influences from cultures around the world. This is reached by combining the warm feeling of wood, with the coldness of industrial media, like concrete and metal, and a splash of alternative materials. My constant sketches and creations are the result of an intensive and calculative process. Their conception took place in the application of architectural and design elements, based on the essence of geometric figures, which brings about memories of pleasant moments and playful sensations.  
As an artist, I have been developing three collections. 'The Playfulness Collection,' is where bright colors, playful concepts, and designs are complemented by the use of metal and concrete as the main material. ‘The Lines Collections,' which uses, as the main procedure, the plywood lamination and bending techniques with the intention to explore and challenge its boundaries through diverse three dimensional expressions, but always with the aim to captivate the viewer by the repetition of the veneer’s lines depicted. Also, the 'Latin Collection’ where I use more traditional forms and concepts which inadvertently tethers me to my cultural roots. 

Artist Statement