Furniture Design

C-Side Table

         From small to big spaces, shared spaces or work spaces, the line aesthetic of my furniture designs are able to fix assorted range of styles.

My designs and handcrafted works are characterized by being simple. Defined by the use of clean lines and sleek shapes to achieve a modern edge. Visually pleasing and proportional for the spaces.

​B. Mayorca

The Lines Night Tables

Cata Lounge Chair

​Bench: 17" x 48" x 16
Stools: 17" x 19.75" x 14"
Concrete, Wood, Mosaic Tile, Stainless Steel hardware

Dimensions: 21” x 23” x 14.5”
Medium: Laminated & bent plywood. Powder coated metal.

Life /Bench & Stools

Material:  Wood, metal hardware

Dimensions: 36” x 23.25” x 31.5”
Medium: Laminated & bent plywood, clear powder coated steel.

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Artist  +  Designer + Maker

At Rest / Pet Bed

Dimensions: 9” x 22” x 14.5”
Medium: Plywood, metal, fabric.

Canoe Stool

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Dimension: 31.75" x 59.75" x 23.5"

Material:  Plywood & Metal Hardware 

B-Color Desk

Dimension: Vary

Material:  Plywood