Public Functional Art:
[EVOLVE] Sculptural Bike Rack will be installed this Sep-2019 at McKinley Park, Oklahoma City - OK.
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The City of Oklahoma City selected Beatriz Mayorca as one of its 2017-20 pre-qualified artist pool.

Categories: 3-Dimensional Work, Mosaics, and Functional Art.

Fine Artist, Interior Designer & Maker, Beatriz Mayorca, brings together her sculptures and home accents designs. Nature, simple clean lines and contemporary grace are the most important elements interlaced in her creations.

“Every minute of the nature‘s wonders, drives and gives me the inspiration to continue to create and produce designs and artwork that improve the lives and well-being of humans.” -   B. Mayorca

Artist  +  Designer + Maker


Oklahoma Contemporary | January 30, 2017

Oklahoma artists featured in Guerrilla Art Park discussed their work and creativity. The two artists shared at Oklahoma Contemporary's Showroom, located at NW 11th and Broadway, the future home of our new arts campus.​ 

Grateful for being selected as the winner of the AHAS Awards in Wood Category from the Academy of Handmade - LA California.

​​Beatriz Mayorca

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Beatriz Mayorca

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Downtown Oklahoma City Initiatives, a organization whose mission is to combat community deterioration through public art, beautification projects and place-making, has selected 

Beatriz Mayorca as one of the artists of the third annual Downtown OKC Artist Invitational program. (2017)


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